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Δυναμική Φαρμακαποθήκη

Dynamic Pharma is a reliable, responsible and obvious choice for the modern and independent pharmacist.

Organizational skills and experience

Our organizational skills and our extended experience ensure a better response to the needs of our customers, especially concerning difficult products and products in shortage. Pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals, even slow moving codes are being provided to the pharmacy timely and in sufficient quantities.

Customer Service

Our personalized customer service and excellent relationship with all our clients enable the pharmacist to be directly and responsibly informed regarding all of industry’s matters.


Our offers in medicines, parapharmaceuticals and O.T.C. products improve the pharmacy’s profitability. All of our offers concern fast moving products and realistic quantities.

Daily distribution

The stability and accuracy of our itineraries help the pharmacists with their daily planning.

IT Support

Full IT support for the retail management software of your pharmacy.

Online ordering

You can benefit from our offers 24/7, through our B2B platform.

Nationwide deliveries

We deliver all through Greece.


Dynamic Pharma is the ideal partner for your increasingly demanding role in the healthcare chain.

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