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Δυναμική Φαρμακαποθήκη


Our main goal is to offer the best storage, procurement and communication services based on a human-center approach, as well as responsibility and consistency.

We offer competitive financial terms and innovative services.

Scientific and professional responsibility

We consider medicines as essential goods for public health and not just products placed on the market. We employ two pharmacists who have properly trained the company’s staff guaranteeing that both the quality and integrity of the products are maintained throughout the supply chain.


Our many years of presence and the personal nature of the contact with our customers have built relationships of mutual trust and benefit.

Consistency of payments to suppliers

We grant on-time payments, compliance of agreements, well-planned returns and continuous interaction.

Concern for our employees

We care about our employees’ well-being and safety, ensuring a modern and zero-accident working environment. We believe in the importance of constant training and we provide opportunities for development. We encourage creativity and cultivate teamwork, responsibility, self-improvement, professional and personal responsibility.

Social and environmental responsibility

We follow ethical business practices. We fulfill all our tax, insurance, employment and legal obligations.

We act with transparency and reliability and we communicate openly regarding all the issues that may arise. We care about the environment and we recycle expired and damaged products.

Aiming to the top

We are constantly improving our qualitative and quantitative indicators and we intend to achieve a stable growth in the Greek market.


Dynamic Pharma is the ideal partner for your increasingly demanding role in the healthcare chain.

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