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Δυναμική Φαρμακαποθήκη

IT is a valuable partner for the pharmacy.

We stand by the pharmacy providing our expertise and support to help it grow as a business.


Our approach is purely customer-centric and supportive of our main pharmaceutical activity.

Support services are provided with the same responsibility, immediacy, consistency and reliability that govern all of our activities.

The biggest advantage of the Dynamic Farmakon support department consists of our immediate response and in depth knowledge of the challenges of the modern pharmacy.

We work alongside with CSA for the support of Farmakon, which is the best-selling software especially designed for pharmacies. With CSA’s know-how and the reliability and responsibility of Dynamic Pharma, you can ensure the friendliest and most immediate support of Farmakon.

The department services include:

  • User training, troubleshooting, clarifications on program’s operation and any possible help for the user, aiming for the best and fullest possible use of Farmakon.
  • Installation of new versions and updates of Farmakon, according to the requirements of Ministry of Finance, Social security funds and N.O.M.
  • Update of the current pharmaceuticals database (prices, VAT)
  • The option of enabling automatic updates of the parapharmaceutical and OTC database tables
  • Software troubleshooting for Farmakon
  • Timely information regarding any unexpected price changes (by SMS or e-mail)


The department is available, Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4pm.

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