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Δυναμική Φαρμακαποθήκη


DYNAMIC PHARMA SA, through its website, http://www.dinamiki.gr, (hereinafter: “the Website” and/or “dinamiki.gr”) shall allow users to find information concerning the products and the services it offers, to use its services offered online and to find information on current issues concerning the sector of trade and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

Access and use of the Website shall be subject to these terms of use, which constitute a legally binding agreement between you (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) and DYNAMIC PHARMA SA. You are kindly requested to read carefully the following terms of use of the Website (the “Terms of Use”) of DYNAMIC PHARMA SA before browsing this Website. By remaining on the Website, you state that you have been informed, understand and unreservedly accept the Terms of Use thereof and the conclusion of a legally binding agreement between the User and DYNAMIC PHARMA SA. If you do not agree with the Terms of Use, you must immediately leave the Website.

Website Users remain exclusively responsible for all their actions while using the Website. Users may be liable for damages of DYNAMIC PHARMA SA or third parties due to actions undertaken while using the Website.


The content of the Website is purely informative. The information is provided in good faith, but DYNAMIC PHARMA SA does not assume any liability concerning the accuracy or completeness thereof, any technical features of products, the services provided, any offers, etc. DYNAMIC PHARMA SA reserves the right to freely modify, at any time and in any manner, the data, information, etc. of the Website. Consequently, any representations, proposals, etc. of DYNAMIC PHARMA SA contained in the Website do not establish its liability towards any User or any third party.

Any reference in the Website to products/services provided by DYNAMIC PHARMA SA does not constitute, in any way, advice or encouragement, or suggestion to carry out transactions or conclude agreements, or pharmaceutical, or medical advice or recommendation, nor may it be used in any manner for purposes of diagnosis or treatment.


Users agree that they use the Website at their own responsibility. DYNAMIC PHARMA SA provides the Website services and its content “as is”, for personal use, and does not provide any express, implied or other representation or warranty concerning the Website and its use. Indicatively and without limitation, DYNAMIC PHARMA SA does not make any representation nor provides any warranty for non-infringement or absence of any hidden or other defects, accuracy or absence of errors, identifiable or otherwise.

DYNAMIC PHARMA SA may revoke access to the Website due to its maintenance, upgrade or outage of electronic communications or other relevant reasons. DYNAMIC PHARMA SA assumes no liability in case of unavailability of the Website, for any reason, at any time or for any period, since it cannot guarantee its uninterrupted operation.

DYNAMIC PHARMA SA takes all required security measures to protect the Website against viruses and other malware, as well as to prevent attacks and other unauthorized actions. However, DYNAMIC PHARMA SA cannot guarantee that the Website content is free from viruses and other harmful components, and assumes no liability for any damage that may be caused to the Users’ equipment, software or files, as well as for any other damage caused to Users due to the foregoing.

DYNAMIC PHARMA SA assumes no liability for: (a) errors, inaccuracies, (b) any damage (property or moral) that may be caused by the use of the Website, (c) any outage, suspension, poor reception of the Website services, (d) viruses, trojan horses that may be transmitted from the Website or any third party using the Website, and (e) any error due to action or omission in respect of the Website content, or any damage that may be caused due to the use of the Website content.


DYNAMIC PHARMA SA assumes no liability for the content and the services of other websites to which the Website may refer through special links (links, hyperlinks or ad banners), nor does it guarantee the availability, functionality, validity or effectiveness of said websites, nor the integrity, correctness or accuracy of the information contained in said websites. References to other websites are provided simply to facilitate Users. The content thereof is not in any way binding for DYNAMIC PHARMA SA, while any reference to or mention of such websites through this Website does not constitute, nor may it be construed as, endorsement of such websites and their content or recommendation for the use of such websites. Links do not entail the assumption of any liability by DYNAMIC PHARMA SA, neither in respect of the content, the format and the functions of such websites, nor in respect of the personal data protection policy implemented by them. In case of use of such links, you assume exclusive liability for any risk or damage that may be caused to you by said websites. Regarding any problem that may arise from the visit or use of third-party websites, you acknowledge and accept that you must directly contact the providers of said websites, who are responsible for the provision of their services. DYNAMIC PHARMA SA assumes no liability for the content and the privacy practices adopted by the provider of each website, such as liability concerning intellectual or industrial property rights or any third-party rights.


It is expressly agreed that DYNAMIC PHARMA SA does not assume any liability against any person for any damage related to the use, in any manner, of the Website, unless the damage is due to intention or gross negligence of DYNAMIC PHARMA SA. It is also expressly agreed that for liability due to gross negligence of DYNAMIC PHARMA SA to be established, the harmed party must have notified DYNAMIC PHARMA SA in writing of the harmful or potentially harmful facts and DYNAMIC PHARMA SA, nevertheless, unjustifiably failed to take any action within reasonable time. Any liability of DYNAMIC PHARMA SA for any other kind of damage is fully and expressly excluded.


The Website, in its current form, is addressed to any natural person or legal entity that wishes to use its functionalities. Natural persons using the Website must be competent adults. Users are obliged to use the Website in accordance with the law and the Terms of Use.

Any use of the Website for deceptive purposes, for purposes that could disrupt the provision of Website services, as well as in any manner contrary to these Terms of Use is strictly prohibited. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to change or alter the security settings and the formatting, in general, of the Website, as well as to interfere in any way with the use or the technical specifications of its operation. Where any User uses the Website in a manner contrary to the Terms of Use or the applicable legislation, DYNAMIC PHARMA SA may take immediate corrective action, including the prohibition of use of the Website services and the removal of any information, data and content that has been posted on the Website by the User, at any time and without notice, expressly reserving any and all other legal rights. More specifically, if DYNAMIC PHARMA SA suffers any damage or harm, DYNAMIC PHARMA SA reserves any and all legal rights and claims for remedy for such damage, since Website Users are liable against DYNAMIC PHARMA SA for any damage that may be caused to the latter and/or to any third party, intentionally or due to negligence, as a consequence of the failure to comply with the Terms of Use and the applicable legislation.


Pursuant to the new European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and Law 4624/2019, DYNAMIC PHARMA SA, where required, (a) notifies Data Subjects of the processing of their personal data, (b) provides Data Subjects with information concerning such processing, and (c) informs Data Subjects of their rights. 


The Website and its content, which includes, but is not limited to, logos, trademarks, distinctive titles, graphics, texts, pictures, photos, sounds, videos, etc., is the intellectual creation and property of the company DYNAMIC PHARMA SA, which owns all intellectual and industrial property rights. The copy, reproduction, adaptation, conversion, adjustment, release and exploitation, in any manner, of the elements contained in the Website, such as and without limitation, for commercial or advertising purposes, etc., in any manner, in whole or in part or in summary, without the prior written permission of the company DYNAMIC PHARMA SA is prohibited.

All product names, which appear in this Website, either shown with their logo or their name, accompanied by a trademark, are trademarks of DYNAMIC PHARMA SA or other beneficiaries. This Website may contain or refer to patents, proprietary products information, technologies, products, processes or other industrial property rights of DYNAMIC PHARMA SA and/or third parties.  No license or right to such trademarks, patents, industrial property rights, technologies, etc., the beneficiary of which is DYNAMIC PHARMA SA or any third parties, is assigned in any manner or granted to the Website users.

DYNAMIC PHARMA SA is the exclusive beneficiary of its trade name, distinctive title and trademark. Third parties shall not be allowed to use the aforementioned trademarks and general distinctive features in any manner.

DYNAMIC PHARMA SA exceptionally permits the use of Website elements strictly for personal use, without any intention for commercial or other exploitation, provided that the Website elements are not altered in any way and that all intellectual property and other registered rights notices remain unaltered. Such permission may not be construed in any manner as granting any license and/or right on the trademarks, patents, industrial property rights, technologies, etc., the beneficiary of which is DYNAMIC PHARMA SA or third parties. Any use of the Website other than the one mentioned above is prohibited.

Users are obliged to remedy any positive and/or consequential damage caused to DYNAMIC PHARMA SA due to any infringement of its own rights or of the rights of third parties or due to improper or unlawful use of the Website.


Greek Law and the Terms of Use shall govern use of this Website. The Courts of Athens shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any relevant dispute concerning the use of the Website or the Terms of Use.


This agreement constitutes a single agreement together with any term or condition or provision set in the Website, even if such term or condition or provision is not incorporated in the text hereof. If the text of this agreement or of any term incorporated in the Website, as per the foregoing, results in any contradiction or causes doubt as to which provision prevails, it is clarified that the more specific provision shall always prevail.

If, despite the previous provisions, any competent court declares any Term of Use as invalid, abusive, or unenforceable in any manner, the remaining terms and provisions shall remain valid, whereas any invalid provision shall be construed in a manner that allows it to remain in force to the maximum extent permitted by law.

In addition, it is clarified that headings appearing in these Terms of Use are of an indicative, auxiliary nature and may not, in themselves, determine the meaning and the content of any provision.

These Terms of Use and any and all rights contained herein may not be transferred or assigned by the Users without the prior written consent of DYNAMIC PHARMA SA, unless expressly provided otherwise. DYNAMIC PHARMA SA is entitled to transfer and assign its rights without any further formality.

DYNAMIC PHARMA SA reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time, without notice, announcing the amendments through the Website. Upon announcement of any amendment, the continued use of the Website constitutes acceptance of the amendment.

For any communication to DYNAMIC PHARMA SA concerning the Website and the services provided through it, you can send an e-mail at postmaster@dinamiki.gr.
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