DYNAMIC PHARMA S.A. is a private Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distribution Company, located in Athens, Greece. We trade all licensed branded pharmaceuticals, parapharmaceuticals, cosmetics, OTC and diagnostic products.  

Dynamic S.A. was formed in September 2008, as a result of the merger of the following three, well established Pharmaceutical wholesaling companies:

  • ATTIKI S.A (since 1949)
  • MONOKROUSOS G&A O.E. (since 1956)
  • NEOPHARM Ltd (since 1977)

On a turnover basis, Dynamic S.A. is amongst the five strongest players in Pharmaceutical wholesaling in Greece. We currently serve 500 pharmacies and 130 pharmaceutical wholesalers. The distribution channel of the company covers sales all over Greece to pharmacies, wholesalers and private clinics, via the company’s own car fleet (20 small & medium size trucks).

Dynamic S.A. employs 100 employees, and its facilities (4800 m2) are located at:

6-8 Lefktron str.

12133 Peristeri,

Athens, Greece.

Dynamic S.A. complies with the specifications set by the National Organization for Medicines (EOF) and the EU Directive EC: 2013/C 343/01. High quality services and cutting edge technologies are strategic choices for us. We offer the choice for online ordering to all national customers, through our website, while we also provide technical support and expertise on the pharmacy’s computerized warehouse management system. Our warehouse operates with an automated picking system (KNAPP), consisting of a high-volume picking system (SDA), automated invoicing and address ticket labeling, seven manual picking stations with RF terminals and dispatching sorting system with a total capacity of 1200 totes per hour.



Leading the market trends, maximizing our market share, full covering of our customers’ needs, via a wide range of high-quality services offered.

Contact person: Vasiliki Monokrousou, vmonokrousou@dinamiki.gr, tel: +30 210 5799657